July 14, 2017

New Mage Series Cmpletes Kevin Matchstick Saga

MATT WAGNER returns with the third and final volume of his epic fantasy trilogy-MAGE: THE HERO DENIED. This long-awaited conclusion follows the adventures of the reluctant everyman hero Kevin Matchstick, who, after encountering a shaggy and beguiling wizard, discovers he is the reincarnation of the legendary *Redacted* and able to wield the power of the mystical weapon, *Redacted*.

The story picks up several years after the fateful climax of THE HERO DEFINED and finds Kevin beginning to once again doubt the virtue of his actions and the course of his destiny. 
This introductory, half-sized issue #0 continues MAGE's tradition of an "Interlude" short-adventure, bridging the gap between this series and the previous storyline. It also acts as a perfect jumping-on spot for new readers.

Also available is the first of two volumes reprinting the classic early issues of creator MATT WAGNER's epic fantasy trilogy. THE HERO DISCOVERED reveals the fledgling adventures of the reluctant everyman hero, Kevin Matchstick. After encountering a shaggy and beguiling wizard, Kevin soon discovers that he is more than he ever imagined.

This seminal work has found an enduring popularity with readers for decades and marks creator MATT WAGNER's emergence as a powerful story-teller.  With the release of the final part of the MAGE trilogy, this series will spark interest with new readers and older fans alike.

"This is one of my favorite series! Highly recommended!" - Ernie

May 15, 2017

Doomsday Clock

The Watchmen Invade The DC Universe This Fall!

For more on the story check out these books:
DC Rebirth #1
"The Button"  Batman # 21, 22  Flash # 21, 22

May 9, 2017

New Valerian Graphic Novel: Circles of Power

Get ready for the new Valerian movie with the latest Valerian graphic novel, The Circles of Power.

Broke, without a job, their ship almost a scrap heap, Valerian and Laureline are stuck on Rubanis, unable to pay for repairs. So when a trio of old acquaintances introduces them to the head of the local police, who is looking for independent agents for a risky – but well-paid – mission, they accept readily enough. But Rubanis is the most corrupt planet in the entire galaxy. How are they to find out who really holds the reins of power there?

Jean-Claude Mezieres and Pierre Christin created Valerian in 1967 after working in the USA together, one as a cowboy, the other a teacher. While Valerian is Mezieres' only comic series, he's worked as an illustrator in many other areas, including designs and sets for The Fifth Element, and he was awarded the Grand Prix du festival d'Angouleme in 1984. Christin also works in collaboration with other artists such as Tardi and Bilal and writes novels and film scenarios.

Friendly Neighborhood Comics keeps the entire Valerian graphic novel series in stock!

There is a movie being released this Summer:


May 7, 2017

Free Comic Book Day Best Sellers

Free Comic Book Day 2017 Best Sellers at FNC!

Free Comic Book Day 2017 was a tremendous success at Friendly Neighborhood Comics! This year
we gave out thousands of comics.  We were also fortunate that people purchased cool books while visiting the shop! We appreciate everyone's support as we continue to stock the most diverse lineup of comics and graphic novels in the region, while also supporting literacy efforts in area schools and libraries.

For fun here were our top three selling comics and graphic novels that day:


1. Croak #1 Newsprint ruled the day at FNC!  Series writer Cody Sousa was present and signed books for eager fans. FNC still has signed copies available at the shop!

In this pulse-pounding debut issue, a fun camping trip turns awry after three friends are forced deep into the woods. Lost, afraid, and alone, their worst nightmares come to life. Printed on nostalgic newsprint with a glossy cover!
2. Batman #22 lenticular cover.  The Button storyline continues to engage fans of DC's Rebirth as Batman and the Flash investigate a mysterious artifact with connections to the world of Flashpoint and to the Watchmen. 
3. Secret Empire #1 Captain America, Agent of Hydra?  Say it isn't so!  This tale has produced strong opinions on both sides, but most people who have actually read it agree it's a wild ride.  There was also a Secret Empire Free Comic Book Day edition with a shocking additional chapter to the story!  Sales of the #0 issue were also strong as fans looked to pick up the entire story thus far.


1. Lake of Fire vol. 1 Series artist Matt Smith was present at FNC signing and sketching for fans!  We have signed and sketched copies available in the shop!

It is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on. When an alien spacecraft infested with a horde of bloodthirsty predators crash-lands in the remote wilderness of the French Pyrenees, a small band of crusaders and a Cathar heretic are all that stand between God's Kingdom and Hell on Earth. 

2. Saga vol. 7 From the worldwide bestselling team of FIONA STAPLES and BRIAN K. VAUGHAN, "The War for Phang" is an epic, self-contained SAGA event! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. New friendships are forged and others are lost forever in this action-packed volume about families, combat, and the refugee experience. FNC has the entire Saga well, saga, in stock!

3. Valerian vol. 1 City of Shifting Waters So glad to see this place so highly as Valerian is a favorite series of mine.  Can't wait to see the movie this summer!  FNC has the entire series in stock.

Galaxity, capital of the Terran Empire in the 28th century. Valerian and Laureline are agents who protect mankind from rogue time travellers. Now they are sent to New York in 1986 to intercept Galaxity’s worst megalomaniac, Xombul—except that in 1986, the world is in ruins and New York is about to be swallowed by the ocean. The two agents must navigate the shifting waters of the past to make sure that the future will exist.

Wow, some cool books, many of which you won't find in most comic shops.  Hope everyone enjoyed Free Comic Book Day.  And if something from this list intrigued you, stop by Friendly Neighborhood Comics for the very best in comics and graphic novels.

Thank you,
Ernie / FNC

September 10, 2015

Reviews by Tania: "Broken Moon" #1

     Broken Moon #1
    Steve Niles, Nat Jones

    Hoorah! Another bleak human-produced dystopian future! "Broken Moon"'s setting may be wearing heavy on some of us, but it's an interesting story nonetheless: humans finally screw up in a catastrophic, irreversible way. We are forced to colonize the moon but royally mess that up too. Moon explodes, tidal waves wipe out most of huanity on earth, monsters formerly in hiding run around willy-nilly.

    Fortunately, monsters and paranormal stuff are my jam. The vampires and werewolves in this story are slightly more dimensional than the standard "big bad monster". The vampires prove to be pretty resourceful; the near extinction of the human species forces these suckers to think of new, creepier ways to treat their severe iron deficiency. Hence human farms/concentration camps and factories whose only purpose is to smother the sun with smog. Human farms! And they're not free-range! Ew...the whole thing is drawn well, too: in addition to being colored very dark, the action (of which there is lots) is crisp, finely lined; speeding figures look almost electric and gun blasts look explosive.

    The werewolves are decidely more "chill", as they say. There appears to be a group subscribing to a doctrine forbidding consumption of human meat.  They happen upon a terrified, lone runaway human  who informs them, much to their shock, that the vampires have started an unexpected and uncharacteristic migration further into their woods. What's up with that? And what do these doggies eat, squirrels or smaller monsters? Where the heck do they get their strategically-ripped sexy denim outfits and can I have one? I am hoping to see a lot of these canine cuties in this series.

Overall, this first issue was pretty good. Even though the premise makes me feel bad about my species (maybe even my entire genus) the story and art are cool enough to distract.

VERDICT: Yes! I will be reading the next issue.

July 6, 2015

Reviews by Tania J: AIRBOY #2

Oh boy. Oh, wow. You can always tell how enamored I am of a book by the number of complete sentences I start with.

Airboy had me at issue number 1. It was so depraved that I was hooked instantly. I just love seeing people running wild and messing stuff up and being general messes. Makes me feel better about my lifestyle. This is a dirty series. Every page has graphic but beautifully artistic depictions of dicks, drugs, and depression. This series is just debauchery!

Issue 2

"Airboy" is great. It is ugly, hilarious, sad, and strange. I'm really looking forward to the rest of this series.
sees the story progress into something outside of this bro-mantic bacchanal. I would have been perfectly content to just read issue after issue of creators Robinson and Hinkle's messed-up autobiographical (?) tales but in this issue we get better acquainted with the one point of light and purity in this whole story thus far: the eponymous Airboy himself. Poor guy. One has to sympathize with this WWII pilot's shock of going from glory and heroism to a directionless world where people obliterate themselves with drugs out of boredom because there's nothing to fight for. Airboy doesn't comprehend our world. People and buildings are run down and barely dressed. "What have I been fighting for?...Why am I bothering, if no one cares?" Poor innocent Airboy. The conflicts between him and us are really interesting to see played out. Why did we discard our once-beloved Airboy? How did we change so drastically; become so jaded and bored and self-destructive? I was really mind-buggered by the juxtaposition between Airboy's very real and urgent sense of duty and purpose and the creative duo's seemingly directionless existences. How could these three possibly understand one another?

June 6, 2015

The Cat With the Really Big Head

"What the heck is this", my brain deadpanned as I read through the first chapter of this freaky volume. It was, indeed, about a cat with a huge head, but unlike the images of adorable egghead cartoon kitties in my head, this was a rather gross weird little story. There is cat afterbirth, death, severe physical malformation, butt monsters, embarrassment, and more death. That's cool, though; art is meant to be pretty, disgusting, offensive, pleasant. For some, the list of things that are acceptable for art to make you feel does not include "disgust". I'm personally undecided about icky art. I am grateful it exists. Does not mean I seek it out; but I think it's necessary. The eponymous chapter is about the short, strange, sad life of a cat born with a huge head. If you enjoy whimsy sprayed with little unsavory droplets, this first chapter is for you.

The art throughout the whole book is great; pretty colors and textures and the animals and humans all have haggard, pitiful little looks to their faces. There's a lot of character in the artwork; mainly of a strange, whimsical and sad type. It suits all the stories perfectly.

The crowning glory is the last story, "The Monsters in my Tummy". It is an allegory for the many phases of a bad heartbreak, starring, among other uncomfortable characters, "Sir Anger", "Lil' Contempt, "Betrayal" and "Alone on her stilted legs". The poem watches as their time plays out, but there is no happy ending when these emotions had become practically sustenance.

I'm telling you, the last chapter had me Feeling Things. It was great. I forgive Mr. Dirge for the lung monsters that apparently live in his butt and love snacks (WTF?!) because of the last story. And I will celebrate the art once again: these little feeling-embodiment creatures have amazing and appropriately haunted looks and freakish, deformed bodies. The whole experience captured how ugly and naked some feelings are. UGH THAT LAST STORY. So good.