July 27, 2009

New Turok, Magnus, Solar & Samson

At the San Diego Comic-Con, Dark Horse Comics announced the acquisition of the rights to create new comic book series based on classic Gold Key comic heroes including Turok, Son of Stone, Doctor Solar, Magnus, Robot Fighter, and Mighty Samson. Jim Shooter, who revived Turok, Magnus, and Solar for the Valiant Universe in the 1990s, will be plotting and overseeing all four of the new series based on the Gold Key characters for Dark Horse. The new Dark Horse comics featuring Gold Key heroes should debut in mid-2010.

Dark Horse has already released hardcover collections reprinting vintage Gold Key comics featuring Turok, Magnus, Robot Fighter, Doctor Solar, and some of the Russ Manning Gold Key Tarzans.

July 15, 2009

Mall of Cthulhu

A decade ago, college student Laura Harker was saved from a fate worse than death at the hands (and fangs) of a centuries-old vampire priestess and her Satanic minions. Her rescuer, an awkward, geeky folklore student named Teddy, single-handedly slew the undead occupants of the Omega Alpha sorority house, spurred into heroic action by fate itself, inexorably intertwining his and Laura's destinies.

After navigating her way through law school, Laura is now a junior FBI agent assigned to the Bureau's Boston office. Unfortunately, she finds her job involves more paperwork than adventure. Ted, on the other hand, has spent the past decade perfecting the ultimate latte, and works as a barista in a nearby corporate chain coffeehouse named for a character in Moby Dick.

When Ted stumbles onto a group of Cthulhu cultists planning to awaken the Old Ones through mystic incantations culled from the fabled Necronomicon, calling forth eldritch horrors into an unsuspecting world. He and Laura must spring into action, traveling from Boston to the seemingly-peaceful suburbs of Providence and beyond, all the way to the sanity-shattering non-Euclidian alleyways and towers of dread R'lyeh itself, in order to prevent an innocent shopping center from turning into... The Mall of Cthulhu.

Trade Paperback 240 Pages $13.95 Available at FNC now!

July 11, 2009

Harker At Castle Dracula

An ALL NEW TAKE on Bram Stoker's Vampire Classic by Andy Fish!
Jon Harker is the least likely Action Hero you will ever encounter-- but it's up to him to battle the King of Vampires,
Dracula himself-- and prevent his planned invasion of London!

A 200 page Graphic Novel available this Fall!

And check out the online strip at:

For more from this talented artist, head over to his blog

and visit the site he shares with his partner artist Veronica Hebard

July 1, 2009

New Under The Radar

After you get done reading Captain America Reborn #1, Batman and Robin #2 and GL Corps #38, check out these under the radar books:

Greek Street #1 - new hit from Vertigo, only $1
Robot 13 #1 - for your Mignola fix
Bad Kids Go To Hell #1 - a trip back
Absolution #0 - Christos Gage, superheroes, from Avatar. Yikes!
Existence 2.0 #1 - Death is only the beginning...