December 27, 2010

December 16, 2010

Elric Returns in May! (for Free)

For 40 years, Elric has thrilled comic book fandom beginning with Marvel Comics' CONAN THE BARBARIAN #15 in 1972. Neil Gaiman called Elric’s creator Michael Moorcock “my model for what a writer was” while Warren Ellis said he is one of the “eight core sites in my creative genome” — now, the godfather of the Multiverse concept brings one of the most critically acclaimed and most recognizable figures in the history of fantasy fiction back to sequential art with BOOM! Studios’ ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST!

Written by SUPERMAN, iZOMBIE, and STAN LEE’S STARBORN New York Times bestselling scribe Chris Roberson, the adventure begins this May in an all-new, all-original FREE COMIC BOOK DAY edition that’s not simply a preview of the July series, but a prequel that will excite longtime Elric fans and serves an accessible entry point for the curious who have never experienced Moorcock’s saga.

Showcasing not just Elric, but Corum and Hawkmoon in a mammoth epic that uses Moorcock’s fascinating and intricate Multiverse as its tapestry, ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST #1 follows the May prequel and premieres as a full-blown series this July with its first issue.

“Elric is in inspired hands. I'm enthusiastically looking forward to his appearance from BOOM! Studios,” said legendary Elric creator Michael Moorcock. “One of the best writers of his generation, Chris Roberson, will be writing a brilliantly conceived, entirely new Elric story in the grand manner! I can't wait!”

"Publishing Michael Moorcock's Elric feels like a dream come true," said Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. "Even more so when Michael is as enthused as we are about the revival of one of his most classic creations. This year will be 50 years since the creation of Elric and BOOM! Studios aims to live up to the standard and tradition that Michael Moorcock has set."

ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST features the return of Michael Moorcock’s legendary Multiverse, featuring some of the greatest fantasy characters of all time: Elric of Melniboné, Corum of the Scarlet Robe, and Dorian Hawkmoon in a brand-new story that will test the courage of the Eternal Champion! In this new series, the workings of Fate are being tampered with across the Multiverse, upsetting the Cosmic Balance. Elric of Melniboné must preserve the Balance and save the entire Multiverse from ruin. But no sooner has his journey begun than he is waylaid by dark forces and lost on the Moonbeam Roads. Elric finds himself stranded on a world where Chaos holds sway and where change is the only constant. Heroes are forced into action far and wide, but will they fight on the side of Law or Chaos?

ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST FCBD EDITION ships this May for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, featuring an original prequel story by New York Times bestseller and SUPERMAN writer Chris Roberson and cover art by Erik Jones that leads directly into the first issue of the new ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST this July.

December 6, 2010

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October 24, 2010

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The Walking Dead comes to tv! FNC carries full line of comics and graphic novels! Issue #1 only $1.

Neil Gaiman's DEATH comes to Action Comics!

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October 11, 2010

October 5, 2010

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October 2, 2010

DC Comics 75th Anniversary Soundtrack

The classic Batman tv theme, together with 30 more DC superhero themes, has just been released on dc!

It starts in 1941, with the theme to the classic Fleischer Superman cartoons and moves through the years, including shows and movies like BATMAN, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, LOIS & CLARK, BATMAN BEYOND, SMALLVILLE, THE BATMAN and a ton more, all on one compact disc – with 21 of the 31 tracks available for the first time ever.

The collection, which hits stores later this year, is a must-buy for any fan of DC Comics and it’s various television, film and cartoon interpretations. Scroll down for the track listing and album art.

The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection

1. Superman March - Sammy Timberg (1941)
-Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Academy Award Nominated cartoon series “Superman” produced by Max Fleischer. This was the first Superman cartoon.

2. Theme From Superman (Album Version) - John Williams (1978)
- From the live-action film “Superman.” Digitally remastered.

3. The New Adventures of Superman - John Gart (1966)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “The New Adventures of Superman.”

4. Lois and Clark / The New Adventures of Superman - Jay Gruska (1993)
- From the live-action TV Series “Lois and Clark”. Digitally remastered.

5. The Adventures of Superboy - John Gart(1966)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “The Adventures of Superboy.”

6. Superboy - Kevin Kiner (1988)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action TV series “Superboy.”

7. Smallville Season 8 (End Title) - Louis Febre (2008)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action TV series “Smallville.”

8. Batman: The Electrical Brain - Lee Zahler (1943)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action serial “The Batman.” This was the first filmed appearance of Batman.

9. The Batman Theme (Album Version) - Danny Elfman (1989)
- From the live-action film “Batman”. Digitally remastered.

10. The Adventures of Batman - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the filmation cartoon “The Adventures of Batman.”

11. Batman TV Series Theme - Neal Hefti (1966)
-From the live-action TV series “Batman”. Digitally remastered.

12. Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Andy Sturmer (2008)
-From the cartoon “Batman: The Brave and the Bold”. Digitally remastered.

13. Batman Beyond - Kristopher Lee (1999)
-From the cartoon “Batman Beyond”. Digitally remastered.

14. Molossus from Batman Begins - Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard (2005)
-From the live-action film “Batman Begins”. Digitally remastered.

15. Justice League of America - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “Justice League of America.”

16. Super Friends - Hoyt Curtin (1973)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “SuperFriends.”

17. The All New Super Friends Hour - Hoyt Curtin (1977)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Hanna-Barbera cartoon “The All-New SuperFriends Hour.”

18. Justice League Unlimited - Michael McCuistion (2004)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the cartoon “Justice League Unlimited.”

19. Legends of the Superheroes - Fred Wener (1979)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action TV special “Legends of the Superheroes.”

20. The Teen Titans - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “The Teen Titans.”

21. Aquaman - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “Aquaman.”

22. Swamp Thing - Christopher Stone (1991)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action TV show “Swamp Thing: The Series.”

23. Shazam! - Norman Prescott & Yvette Blais (1974)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the live-action TV series “Shazam!”

24. The Flash - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “The Flash.”

25. Green Lantern - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “Green Lantern.”

26. Green Lantern First Flight - Robert J Kral (2009)
-From the animated movie “Green Lantern: First Flight.” Digitally remastered.

27. The Atom - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “The Atom.”

28. Hawkman - John Gart (1967)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Filmation cartoon “Hawkman.”

29. Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show - Dean Elliott (1979)
- Previously unavailable. Digitally remastered. From the Ruby-Spears cartoon “The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show.”

30. Wonder Woman The Animated Movie End Title - Christopher Drake (2009)
-From the animated movie “Wonder Woman.” Digitally remastered.

31. Wonder Woman - Charles Fox & Norman Gimbel (1976)
-From the live-action TV series “Wonder Woman.” Digitally remastered.

July 13, 2010

Beyond Exile

Beyond Exile, the long awaited sequel to J.L. Bourne's bestselling zombie novel Day by Day Armageddon is now available!

The first book in the Day by Day Armageddon saga took us deep into the mind of a military officer and survivor as he made a New Year's resolution to start keeping a journal. The man kept his resolution and brought to us the fall of humanity, day by day. We see the man transition from the life that you and I live to the prospect of fighting for his very survival against the overwhelming hordes of the dead. We see him bleed, we see him make mistakes, we witness him evolve. The highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling underground cult classic begins where the first novel left off.

Armies of undead have risen up across the U.S. and around the globe;there is no safe haven from the diseased corpses hungering for human flesh. But in the heat of a Texas wasteland, a small band of survivors attempt to counter the millions closing in around them.

Day by day, the handwritten journal entries of one man caught in a worldwide cataclysm capture the desperation--and the will to survive--as he joins forces with a handful of refugees to battle soulless enemies both human and inhuman from inside an abandoned strategic missile facility.

But in the world of the undead, is mere survival enough?

"DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON is hands down the best zombie book I have ever read."
--Brad Thor, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

July 12, 2010

Stuff of Legend Returns!

The Stuff Of Legend vol. 2 The Jungle # 1 of 4

By: Mike Raicht, Brian Smith, Charles Paul Wilson III

Following the liberation of the board game town of Hopscotch, a brave band of toys continues the quest to rescue their human master from the nightmare realm of the Dark. With the Boogeyman's army fast approaching for battle, Max the teddy bear and his friends discover one of the Dark's oldest secrets, and a new threat that could destroy them all.

July 9, 2010

Neil Gaiman's Death to appear in Action Comics!

For those unfamiliar with the character at the center of the cover – and shame on you if you don’t know who that is – that’s Death, sister to Dream of the Endless and one of the most enduring characters introduced during Gaiman’s 75-issue SANDMAN series. Beautifully presented by ACTION COMICS cover artist David Finch, the cover begs the question – what is Death doing in ACTION COMICS?

Though the worlds of the Sandman and the DC superheroes have bled into one another from time to time, ACTION COMICS #894 marks a unique moment for not only Death, but the star of ACTION – Lex Luthor. Luthor, as fans of the series know, is in the midst of a storyline that takes him on a winding and dangerous quest for power – a quest that will bring the megalomaniacal villain into close proximity with characters in and beyond the far reaches of the DC Universe.

We touched base with writer Paul Cornell who, along with artist Pete Woods, are the team entrusted with the task of chronicling this special issue. Take it away, Paul:

“Death appearing in Action Comics was my own mad idea, the extreme case of putting Luthor up against characters he’s not used to dealing with.

“I’m very pleased that, after I ran the idea by him, Neil Gaiman approved me using Death in this issue. He’s been very supportive. It’s so interesting to see her back in the DC Universe. Though Vertigo readers can rest assured that the character, and the way she’s used, will be true to the spirit of what has gone before.”

ACTION COMICS #894 hits in October.

July 2, 2010

Batman Under the Red Hood DVD Pre-Order

Single Disc DVD Retail Price $19.98; FNC Pre-Order Price: Only $15.99 (Save 20%)
2 Disc Special Edition Price: $24.98; FNC Pre-Order Price: Only $19.99 (Save 20%)
Blu-Ray Price: $29.99; FNC Pre-Order Price: Only $23.99 (Save 20%)

Arrives 7/27/10

June 27, 2010

Bell. Regal Free Family Film Festival

FNC is proud to sponsor the Bellingham Regal Cinema Free Family Film Festival, every Tuesday & Wednesday at 10 am this summer.

Bell. Library Battle of the Books!

FNC is proud to sponsor the Bellingham Public Library Battle of the Books summer reading program!

June 14, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes: Great Darkness Saga hardcover coming!

Written by PAUL LEVITZ
Art by KEITH GIFFEN and others

The godlike Darkseid emerges in the 30th century with an ingenious plot to finally conquer the universe in this Deluxe Edition hardcover of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen’s timeless Legion of Super-Heroes epic! Not only is THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA collected here for the first time in hardcover, this edition also includes several LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES issues written by Levitz that have never before been collected in any format!

Using his faithful minions to acquire all of the mystic artifacts of the time, Darkseid gains mental control over a race of three billion all-powerful beings. Now, as their universe teeters on the edge of Armageddon, the Legion of Super-Heroes amass their own army of every champion who ever held the status of Legionnaire to stand against the Dark Lord and his invincible soldiers. But as the Legion suffers defeat after defeat, they realize that salvation and victory rest in the hands of a mysterious baby that has aged into adulthood before their very eyes!

This is the perfect edition of the classic Levitz storyline that was decades ahead of its time and still stands as one of DC’s most enthralling superhero tales! Collects LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #284-296 and ANNUAL #1.

On sale NOVEMBER 17 , 2010

May 20, 2010

New Wimpy Kid This Fall!

Amulet Books has announced the publication date for the fifth book in Jeff Kinney’s bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The book will go on sale Tuesday, November 9, and for those keeping track: its cover will be purple (the first four books were red, blue, green, and yellow). Promotional events for the book will be disclosed this summer, as will its title.

“I feel like everything in the series has been leading up to the fifth book, which is about change and the different ways Greg and his best friend, Rowley, deal with it,” said Kinney in a statement. “To me, this book is the linchpin in the series, and I’m excited to be writing it.” More than 32 million Wimpy Kid books are in print in the U.S., and the books have been sold in more than 30 countries.

April 16, 2010

Dungeon & Dragons Comics!

IDW, under license from Hasbro, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast, will launch several all-new comic book series based on the many worlds of the hugely popular roleplaying game, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. Following IDW’s previously established comics model, the first new series will begin with an introductory debut issue in August 2010, with new monthly comics and deluxe reprints of past series launching in November.

IDW’s Dungeons & Dragons series will each offer new stories and playable characters to existing game campaigns. The Dungeons & Dragons title will take place in the core world, as seen in the gaming supplements and upcoming novels, followed by a Dark Sun series starting in January 2011. Plans also include a series for the longtime fan-favorite Forgotten Realms setting. Each comic book will also be collected at intervals into graphic novels.

Acclaimed fantasy painter Wayne Reynolds will supply covers for the launch of the new series.

IDW Publishing is Hasbro’s comic book licensee for TRANSFORMERS and GI Joe.

April 7, 2010


Archie Comics, home of world famous comic book bands The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats, is about to rock the world of romance! On April 21st the two bands hook up like never before! And now a new flame, Valerie, the super-bright and beautiful songwriter/bassist of Josie and the Pussycats, will play her way into the Archie love triangle.

Archie's life-long struggle to choose between Betty and Veronica isn't the whole picture. There have always been other girls like Cheryl Blossom who interfere in the battle for Archie's heart. But something is different about Archie's secret romance with Valerie and it's about to change the course of affections. How long can the secrecy--and their love--last? With The Archies and Josie and the Pussycats co-headlining their first tour together, things could get messy. A stage is hardly a place to hide, and when Betty and Veronica find out, it could be the end of Archie and Valerie's rockin' romance!

March 3, 2010

Kevin Smith's Green Hornet Is Here!

The Green Hornet is back and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero and his faithful sidekick, Kato (and, the Black Beauty, 'natch!)!

And they're kicking things off with a BANG as they launch the first of a new series of adventures starting with the great Kevin Smith. And let's get it out of the way, right here, right NOW - the scripts are in! Every single one! Joining Smith in bringing his unproduced screenplay to life is artist Jonathan (Black Terror) Lau as they present the one and only origin of the Green Hornet and Kato. This is the comic book version of Kevin smith's unproduced Green Hornet film and Dynamite is the only place to get in on the action - it all begins here!

Look for Matt Wagner's Green Hornet: Year One and Brett Matthews The Green Hornet Strikes! in future weeks.

February 26, 2010

New Evanovich Graphic Novel

New York Times bestselling author Janet Evanovich – whose novels have sold more than 90 million copies – brings the popular Barnaby series to comics for her first graphic novel with Dark Horse's Troublemaker Book 1 HC, her newest adventure starring reader favorite Alexandra Barnaby.

Evanovich’s books hold wide appeal among readers, as evidenced by the 14 titles that have topped the Times’ bestseller lists. This new tale is co-written by Janet Evanovich with Alex Evanovich, and illustrated by Joëlle Jones (Dr. Horrible). The story sends race car mechanic Alex and driver Sam Hooker into the darker parts of the Sunshine State as they answer two friends’ calls for help. Soon, they’re hunting for a missing man and assembling a puzzle that pits them against Petro Voodoo, explosions, gift-wrapped body parts, a deadly swamp chase... and Sam Hooker's mother.

The 112-page, full-color hardcover is scheduled to ship on July 14.

Archie The Wedding Epilogue

"Archie Gets Married: the Epilogue": The amazing events that occurred in ARCHIE issues #600 through #605 have left Archie in a daze! He doesn't know how to explain it to his friends... especially Betty and Veronica! Can he readjust to the way things used to be before he walked up Memory Lane?
SCRIPT: Michael Uslan
ART: Stan Goldberg

FNC has all copies of this story in stock!

Kill Shakespeare

I just read an advance copy of Kill Shakespeare #1. IDW decribes the book as "What Fables does for fairy tales, Kill Shakespeare does with the greatest writer of all time. This dark take on the Bard pits his greatest heroes (Hamlet, Juliet, Othello Falstaff) against his most menacing villains (Richard III, Lady Macbeth, Iago) in an epic adventure to find and kill a reclusive wizard named William Shakespeare."

We'll have to see how the characters are developed over the course of the series in order to judge if the book is worthy of the Fables comparison, but I enjoyed the 1st issue. The story sets up the journey of a banished Hamlet on a quest to resurrect his dead father. But, in order to do so, he must first kill a wizard named William Shakespeare.

This book should also be popular with English teachers. They could have students read the comic and make comparisons with the actual works of Shakespeare. Why didn't I ever get a cool assignment like that in school? :) As a school project or as just a fun read, Kill Shakespeare is worth your time! The first issue arrives in April.