December 1, 2012

Reader Reviews: Adventures of Augusta Wind and Bravest Warriors

Reader Reviews: Adventures of Augusta Wind and Bravest Warriors

By Alexandra Henderson
The Adventures of Augusta Wind 

The Adventures of Augusta Wind starts off with a seemingly normal girl, Augusta Webster, telling the story of her arrival in this world to her younger brother and sister. She tells of how she landed in this strange world after being carried by an incredible wind that guided her to their family. In the middle of her retelling, she sees a strange creature in the window, a Snabbit - half-snake, half-rabbit. Nobody else sees the animal, and Augusta's mother, concerned by Augusta's dreams and now hallucinations, sends her to therapy. The therapy doesn't help her, however; It only reveals more strange things and soon Augusta realizes that her stories might be more real than she ever imagined. With the help of the Snabbit, she starts to remember her past, but she is soon interrupted when a group of evil Balloonies carry her off into the wind and the next issue. Currently this all-ages fantasy comic is scheduled for a five-issue miniseries, but creator J.M. DeMatteis calls the story of Augusta Wind a "huge mystery that spans many worlds and realities" and hopes to continue writing about her for several years.

Bravest Warriors 

The Bravest Warriors series chronicles the adventures of five teenage misfits who roam the galaxy and save the oppressed. The series comes from the same writer who created Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward. The art in these comics is very similar to the art of the show, but the jokes are a little bit more mature as Adventure Time is geared mainly towards children. The first two issues introduce the group and send them on a mission to save a planet of clowns from Sadness, but their quest is interrupted when a nameless evil stops their ship. The action in these comics is a little slow-paced, but the random quirky storylines keep the reader entertained while they wait for the next big thing to happen.