April 9, 2015

"Rat Queens" #10 Review by Tania J.

I must say: I mourned the departure of Roc Upchurch. I've loved Stjepan Sejic since "Death Vigil"but I was really not ready to give up the perfectly expressive, neat, hilarious style and paneling of Upchurch. I wasn't sure how Sejic's pretty, glossy ways would jive with these wild ladies, but it's growing on me.

So: the art. The dewy beauty of Sejic's work highlights the magic of this ratty world; and is it just me or did this issue seem more magical and emotional than the previous ones? The only thing that really bothers me is Dee's hair. Why, Sejic? Why did you dull down Dee's glorious regal crown of fluffy tendrils? He has beat it down into a jheri curl situation, folks. It's terrible.

As for the writing: we dive into some real heavy stuff in this one. Hannah's sour exterior, Violet's and Dave the Orc's affections for eachother, Dee's personal and complicated spiritual grapples, Betty' seems like this issue touches upon very human stuff that we as a "Rat Queens" audience are not used to.

The whole experience is wonderful. I love these crazy broads and all but sometimes it feels like they are too cool to be real. Obviously they are mage elves and smidgens but one likes to think that if you can play like a human you can hurt like a human, no?

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