April 16, 2015

Sabrina #2 Review by Tania J.

AHHH FINALLY. Freegin' finally. I have been waiting for my sweet Sabrina since the first issue came out like fifty years ago in October. If you've kind of dismissed "Sabrina" as a "Sugar, Sugar", sassy-talking-cat-accompanied-by-laugh-track, high-school-dance, teenage-beach-party kind of Sabrina, you are mistaken. When I read the first issue I was not prepared for how dark it was. 

In this series we really get to see Sabrina for what she is and where her roots are. She is a witch. A witch's life is not usually glamorous (except when lounging by a pool in Hollywood with Ann Margaret in #2) or easy to stomach. #2 is a fascinating look into the story of Madam Satan, a witch jilted by her beloved: Sabrina's own father. With (like, the gnarliest!) death begins the second bitter part of her chapter, dangerously driven this time by pain and humiliation. 

I love the art in this book. Hack's watery, muted, sienna-tinged colors and true-black shadows work with Aguirre-Sacasa's slightly gothic writing to give the whole work a finely aged feel that nods to Sabrina's brighter days of the sixties. The art in this is so freaky sometimes I found myself examining pages long after I'd read them.
I am so pumped for Madam Satan! Poor Sabrina...

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