May 29, 2015

Reviews by Tania! Grindhouse Drive in, Bleed Out: Lady Danger Agent of B.O.O.T.I. part one

  Hoo, boy! Another fun-ass read from Alex DeCampi, lordy bless her! If you're not reading "Archie vs. Predator", "No Mercy" or the other "Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out" mini-series you might not be properly entertained! Violence, foul language, sass, tacky villains, and sometimes boobies are recurring elements in DeCampi's stories and in this latest installment of the Grindhouse series it's nicely paired with lively cartoonish art.  And a main cover by Francavilla! 
     The protagonist is a bad-ass Black female (which for some reason is still enough of  an occurrence that I feel the need to celebrate it; boo! * fart noise*!) who is the U.S.' first choice weapon/rescue party when our citizens get into trouble overseas. We get to see Lady Danger of B.O.O.T.I. fight baddies and hang out with hotties.  To be honest I was hoping for a ridiculous blaxploitation type of thing, but this is surprisingly sincere, and I felt my shriveled little heart responding to the characters and their plights, such as pity for the poor nerd with the unrequited crush on the lady herself and his hood friend suffering from gentrification).  

     I like the characters, the art, and did I mention it's funny? I definitely recommend the entire Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out series. OH ALSO there's a scene where Lady Danger delivers a thorough thug beatdown and then picks her wedgie (you would too if you were kicking ass in booty shorts) and it is delightful. This whole book is just a lot of fun!

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