September 10, 2015

Reviews by Tania: "Broken Moon" #1

     Broken Moon #1
    Steve Niles, Nat Jones

    Hoorah! Another bleak human-produced dystopian future! "Broken Moon"'s setting may be wearing heavy on some of us, but it's an interesting story nonetheless: humans finally screw up in a catastrophic, irreversible way. We are forced to colonize the moon but royally mess that up too. Moon explodes, tidal waves wipe out most of huanity on earth, monsters formerly in hiding run around willy-nilly.

    Fortunately, monsters and paranormal stuff are my jam. The vampires and werewolves in this story are slightly more dimensional than the standard "big bad monster". The vampires prove to be pretty resourceful; the near extinction of the human species forces these suckers to think of new, creepier ways to treat their severe iron deficiency. Hence human farms/concentration camps and factories whose only purpose is to smother the sun with smog. Human farms! And they're not free-range! Ew...the whole thing is drawn well, too: in addition to being colored very dark, the action (of which there is lots) is crisp, finely lined; speeding figures look almost electric and gun blasts look explosive.

    The werewolves are decidely more "chill", as they say. There appears to be a group subscribing to a doctrine forbidding consumption of human meat.  They happen upon a terrified, lone runaway human  who informs them, much to their shock, that the vampires have started an unexpected and uncharacteristic migration further into their woods. What's up with that? And what do these doggies eat, squirrels or smaller monsters? Where the heck do they get their strategically-ripped sexy denim outfits and can I have one? I am hoping to see a lot of these canine cuties in this series.

Overall, this first issue was pretty good. Even though the premise makes me feel bad about my species (maybe even my entire genus) the story and art are cool enough to distract.

VERDICT: Yes! I will be reading the next issue.